• Regulatory Requirement

    To better monitor and analyze to RMB cross-border receipts and payments transactions, PBOC has carried out the RMB Cross-border Receipts and Payments Information Management System (referred to as RCPMIS) in different places since July 2009.

    All domestic commercial banks with RMB business has to report RMB related transactions. While considering the wide-range business scope, various modules, large volume of data and timeliness reporting requirements, great challenges have been brought to banks.

  • Solution

    RIKING has developed RMB Cross-border Receipts and Payments Information Management System (Bank Version) (referred to as RCPMIS) on the basis of current existing platform to meet the reporting requirements of financial institutions.

    Necessary technical support has offered to help banks report RMB cross-border related business, it is not only meet regulator’s demands, but realize automatic transaction data import which helps banks reduce the labor cost and improve the work efficiency.

Functions & Features
  • Standard Data Model

    Unified and standard data interface model for convenient and fast data collectingHelps convert transaction data into regulatory standard data specification.

  • Mature & Stable System

    Complete business coverage, fully meet PBOC demands, little impacts on bank data interface.

  • Rigorous Double-check Mechanism

    Overall access control and management mechanism, controllable verification system.

  • Quick System Debug and Go-live

    Rich experience in system debugging, facilitate system go-live.

  • Flexible Designation & Comprehensive Function

    Meet the requirements of internal control, risk control, audit and monitoring, system analysis function is available.

  • Stable Backup Mechanism

    Both cool backup and hot backup are available.

  • Timely Update

    Always keep in pace with regulatory policy.

  • Business Optimization

    Through the unified management of software, the operating cost and maintenance cost can be greatly reduced. The automatic processing process can replace the manual processing process, to improve users' work efficiency and guarantee the accuracy and standardization of data and reduce the error rate at the same time.

    Meanwhile, we can help you optimize the regulatory reporting business process and update the system in accordance with the latest regulations issued by relevant regulatory authorities.