• Regulatory Requirement

    Since 2005 when PBOC built enterprise and individual credit reporting database according to the deployment of the State Council, enterprise credit and individual credit have become an integral part of the economic system operation. On June 29, 2018, the PBOC Credit Reference Center issued a second-generation credit reporting system interface specification (﹝2018﹞No. 4, PBCCRC ). Compared with the present credit reporting system, the second-generation credit information system is with wider collection business scope and more data items; Common data collection standards can be reestablished and data collection of emerging credit business of commercial banks can be fully supported; a more convenient and standard credit information service can be provided; a better data quality control system and compliance management system can be established.

  • Solution

    The credit business data reporting solution developed by RIKING is launched on the basis of the regulatory requirements issued by PBOC Credit Reference Center as well as the current construction situation and development needs of social credit system. With its mature, stable and efficient characteristics, it has been widely recognized by many financial institutions and become one of the RIKING's best-selling products on the market. In accordance with the latest interface specification about the second-generation credit reporting system, RIKING launched the Enterprise Credit Information Reporting Software II (ECIRS II), to help financial institutions to flexibly response to regulatory changes.

Functions & Features
  • Multi-dimension Function Design
    The system functions are designed from multi-dimensional perspectives, the ECIRS II's functions are not only designed from the perspective of business classification as the first-generation credit data reporting system, but also adds the design function from the perspective of account and collection point of time. Users can choose the entrance based on their own business.
  • Flexible Data Docking
    For financial institutions with large business volume, it supports automatic data extraction from internal business systems (credit systems, etc.), reduces manual collection, and ensures the accuracy of data through business verification. For financial institutions with small business volume, it supports manual input of business data directly from the system.
  • Human Information Reminding
    The system has the reminding home page, which can directly remind users of their daily business, as well as reminding and notifying information related to users.
  • Web Interaction & Online Additional Input
    The system is designed in B/S mode, and all operation is based on WEB mode. The interface is fresh and easy to operate. Bank users can directly access the platform through the browser, and make online data recording and modification, which is convenient and intuitive.
  • Support Multiple Reporting Methods
    The system supports data reporting to PBOC Credit Reference Center through page input and interface automatic input.
  • Multi-user Collaboration
    Through the authorization of user license, multi-user collaboration can be provided to fully coordinate the sharing and collaboration capacity among all levels of agencies and improve work efficiency.
  • Business Optimization

    Through the unified management of software, the operating cost and maintenance cost can be greatly reduced. The automatic processing process can replace the manual processing process, to improve users' work efficiency and guarantee the accuracy and standardization of data and reduce the error rate at the same time.

    Meanwhile, we can help you optimize the regulatory reporting business process and update the system in accordance with the latest regulations issued by relevant regulatory authorities.