• Regulatory Requirement

    In order to maintain financial order, restrain money laundering and related crime, and regularize the administration behavior of anti-money laundering supervision and anti-money laundering work of financial institutions, and according to the , , and other laws and regulations, the People's Bank of China amended the < Measures for the Administration of Financial Institutions' Reporting of High-Value Transactions and Suspicious Transactions (NO.2 2006)> and issued the new < Measures for the Administration of Financial Institutions' Reporting of High-Value Transactions and Suspicious Transactions (NO.3 2016)>, which shall be implemented from July 1, 2017. After the new regulations are implemented, the original "Measures" will be repealed at the same time, which brings new challenges to the regulatory submission capacity of financial institutions.

  • Solution

    RIKING AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Solutions is a set of completely customized solutions according to customer condition. This active and comprehensive technology solutions can adapt to the needs of different domestic financial institutions and the system model, and can be updated according to the latest regulatory specification. It covers many aspects from technological process, technical support to technical training, which can easily implement the manual or automatic extraction of large amount and suspicious transaction data from financial institutions. This solution can classify different extracted transactions in accordance with advanced algorithm into different large-amount feature code warehouse and suspicious feature code warehouse, and electronic report that meets the latest PBOC AML regulation requirement can finally be generated.

Functions & Feathers
  • Perfect Data Collection Function.

    Multiple interface data collecting;Efficient rule engine.

  • Effective System Management Functions

    Perfect suspicious modules;Perfect suspicious factors;Flexible suspicious module configuration;Complete black and white list;Flexible and effective customer rating system;Multidimensional suspicious situation analysis with supplementary suspicious confirmation;Comprehensive report management function.

  • Data Submission Handling and Analysis Function

    Automatic online data submissionManual medium submissionReport receipt receiving and automatic positioningVisualization of suspicious transaction analysis reports.

  • Flexible system upgrade capability

    The system is updated according to the latest regulation: the generation of suspicious reports is captured in accordance with the acquired transaction factors instead of a single rule as before.

  • Business Optimization

    Through the unified management of software, the operating cost and maintenance cost can be greatly reduced. The automatic processing process can replace the manual processing process, to improve users' work efficiency and guarantee the accuracy and standardization of data and reduce the error rate at the same time.

    Meanwhile, we can help you optimize the regulatory reporting business process and update the system in accordance with the latest regulations issued by relevant regulatory authorities.